Asobi tech - the Science of Play

MaoMao Castle
MaoMao Castle: A Magical Cat-Dragon Fantasy Adventure

Finalist, Emerge Gaming Prize 2018
Finalist, Very Big Indie Pitch @ PG Connects London 2017
Runner up, Intel Buzz London 2017 Developer Showcase
Best Game, Best Music, Best Graphics, Castle Game Jam 2016

Future Project
Dr Harrison and the Blood Crystals
Runner up, Big Indie Pitch @ Develop 2016

Mini Games / Game Jams
Nordic Game Jam 2017: Kunoichi
Ludum Dare #34: Panda vs Robots
Andrew Hickinbottom Birthday Present: Hicks of Rage
Indie Speed Run #3, 2nd place: The Moon Conspiracy
Develop 2015 GameJam, 2nd Place : Pebble Dash
Ludum Dare #32: Eye Rush
Runner up, EGX Rezzed Game Jam 2015: RegulatED
Ludum Dare #31: P.Rick Airious

Old Projects
| 1UP Game a week | aaSNES1 | JetPak DX |

asobi [ah-so-bee] - Japanese word for playing, to play
tech [teku] - abbreviation of the word technology